Henrietta Stunt Sculptures


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  • Material: Foam, Fiberglass, Copper
  • Finish: Hand Painted
  • Dimensions: 85.5″ Tall x 26″ Wide x 96″ Long
  • Indoor or Outdoor

Behold the Magical Henrietta! As legend tells the artist Mike Quinn designed an itty bitty prototype of Henrietta way back in college. Mike did a series of these bronze figures all of which had been properly homed with collectors….Until one day a little piece came back for repairs. While at the shop, he was inspired to create a bigger than life version of his figure. Henrietta was born!

Henrietta is 85.5″ tall x 26″ wide, x 96″ long and features a copper clad 4′ x 8′ x 6′ base designed by hand. The corners of the base are reinforced and she has 600# casters under there…isn’t that spiffy? The base has about an inch of clearance so moving her around on the side of a mountain is probably out of the question. The backside has almost a tribal feel carved into the sculpture. Atop her marvelous head is a built in planter. She has a carved foam core with a fiberglass and epoxy resin finish, she also sports exterior paint. This Stunt Sculpture has a finish that is designed for indoor or outdoor use. Henrietta features a custom hand painted faux bronze finish.

This piece is designed and created by artist Mike Quinn, it’s part of his Stunt Sculptures collection. It’s one of a kind nature means it will have unique markings, design, spots, teeth, fur, claws or whatever is applicable to the creature posted. These larger pieces use mixed media such as foam, clay, metals, fiberglass to create a stunning work of art.

Did you know Mike can design a custom Stunt Sculpture just for you? Well he can! Mike has lots of options…check out the About the Art page for more insight into his work.


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