Wild and Crazy Patterns!

Mike’s on a roll this week with bright colors and crazy designs! We even have some glitter fish…what could be better than glitter fish?!


Fresh Fish in the Gallery Store!

Mutant Trout Fish with Attitude Blue Wild Print Minka Fish Art Wild Print Minka Fish Art Wild Print Minka Fish Art King Guano Bat Wall Art Wild Print Minka Fish Bright Aunt Mitzi Shark Fish With Attitude Bright Crusty Rusty Fish Stinky Mel Fish with Attitude Wild Don Juan Frog Wild Bernie Octopus Art Pink Criffster Fish with Attitude Criffster Fish with Attitude Billy Jack Fish with Attitude


Bad to the Bun…

It’s not just fish happening this week at the studio…we have sightings of pelicans and rabbits! These Creatures have tons of attitude and are just waiting to find forever homes. Does your uncle Bob really like walruses? Your mom collect weird giraffes? Do you really like rabbits? Mike can make any animal just let us know and we can start your custom order….He also accepts your off the wall ideas, he loves a good muse. Contact us about reserving yours!

Creatures with Attitude Mike Quinn Creatures with Attitude Mike Quinn Creatures with Attitude Mike Quinn Creatures with Attitude Mike Quinn





Give us this day our daily fish…

Fish with Attitude


It’s time to paint the fish…

So many colors...these guys are just waiting for the finishing touches!




Big Things are Coming!

And of course by big things we mean big fish! You can see the close up details as Mike sculpts the piece, adding texture and design to every inch. Spots, dots, hand carved texture and even some fun shapes are featured with this fish. The teeth are extra big as per protocol with Mike's work. Big Red here is still a work in progress as he still needs the acetate inlays.




Fish With Attitude

Fish With Attitude


New Fish in the Shop!

These guys will go fast with the holidays coming up! You can find the Newest Fish Here.


The Making of Little Dave


This piece named Little Dave went from concept to sea turtle super star! Some of Mike's art starts with a sketch, Some are just free hand in clay and he makes whatever the mood calls for. The drawing is perfectly rendered in ceramic 3-D form, with a few added quirks and a shiny green paint job. Little Dave came to life, and brought joy and happiness to all that saw him (we hope).

Not only can you find little Dave in the shop on occasion, but his adorable face is on some pretty snazzy products, like pens, mugs, mouse pads, night lights, tees and even super snazzy high tops. Seriously how cool is that?!

You can find the entire Little Dave Product Line Here. But these are some of our favorites!

The cutout (Top Right) which doubles as a magnet or ornament came out great. It's a thick plexiglass image perfectly cut around the turtle with a black backing.









Fish as Far as the Eye Can See!

Happy Fish Friday! Mike is in the studio today cranking out Fish with Attitude like a madman! He has all these amazing fish ready to paint so stay tuned, the gallery shop is about to get some fresh fish.

Looks like we have some Stingrays, turtles, starfish and LOTS of fish.



Making “It” is half the battle!

octopus-art octopusmikequinn octopusfinished octopusinaction