My Secret Weapon!

My Secret Weapon: Most superheroes have a sidekick.  Batman and Robin, The Pink Pather and that guy always attacking him.  I am very lucky to work with a guy that is truly a genius.  He knows 10x what ill ever know.  He’s a 73-year-old vegetarian and master craftsman Dwight C Brown.  I first met Dwight when I was 12 years old.  He was one of the people that caught me when I flew out of the drainpipe from California.  He and his brother Kevin started “Tiddies” Sandals in Pasadena, Tx a millionaire in his early 20’s!  Dwight has been working with Fiberglass since he was 12 years old fixing surfboards for his friends.  He has built many landmark Sculptures all over Galveston & Houston he built the Spinning Fish Tails @ Fish Tales Restaurant on the Sea Wall and the Giant Fishing lure inside of Pier 19.  He even built the Trojan Horse inside Mattress Mack’s Furniture store, in Houston, Tx.

We started doing projects together back in 2005 when I needed to build a Giant Moose for Claimjumpers Restaurant chain in California.  We’ve been working together ever since.


Tell me about how it all started 30 years ago. Where were you living, what made you decide to do it, etc.?  Here’s a story about Chuy’s:

A fateful day indeed!  Life is filled with surprises; you just never know.  A friend of a friend worked at Chuy’s Restaurant in Houston, when she left for College, they gave her a $40.00 gift Certificate.  She asked if we wanted to go, we all piled in the car and headed to Austin.  After eating I noticed a small sign by the cash register.  “Looking For Artists” Six-week art show.  I talked with the guy at the register, it was Jay Bunda the original Manager at the Chuys #1 on Barton Springs.  He explained that “they were booked up for 3 months…Come back at the 1st of the year”.  I went back and started making as many pieces as I could.  The studio at school began to fill with Fish With Attitude.  Jan 1st 1992  I had my appointment the weather was bad, calling for rain all day.  I called around to my friends that had a car.  No luck, I would have to make the trip on my Honda XL600.  The feeder was closed for construction so I would have to ride down the freeway.  It rained the whole way!  When I arrived, I had to wring out my shirt to head inside.  Jay was there and he loved the fish.  I was on!!  I came back that Sunday night at closing 10 pm and hung up my first 150 fish.  In the main dining area, the walls are pink, with big Classic Car fenders placed around for decoration.  He called me the next week and anxiously said “You gotta get down here”!  I asked What Happened he said “Every Fish Sold!!”  I started selling the fish at 5,10,15.00. for Small, Medium, and Large.  Eventually over 30 years the prices now avg. 50.00 –& up to 1,200 Each.  It was my big break!  It led to the rest of my success!  I did work for Whole Foods, and eventually Deck The Walls and also ZZTop.  Through Trade Shows in Atlanta, Dallas, and New Orleans we grew to supply over 150 Stores Nationwide and hired over 20 people.


The Bull Rabbit…

He’s mystical, magical…and a bit curious.

The Bull Rabbit



Bad to the Bun…

It’s not just fish happening this week at the studio…we have sightings of pelicans and rabbits! These Creatures have tons of attitude and are just waiting to find forever homes. Does your uncle Bob really like walruses? Your mom collect weird giraffes? Do you really like rabbits? Mike can make any animal just let us know and we can start your custom order….He also accepts your off the wall ideas, he loves a good muse. Contact us about reserving yours!

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