Vinny Scapino – Statue


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  • Material: Hydrostone, Hand Painted
  • Finish: painted
  • Dimensions: 10.25″ x 3″
  • Indoor , or under covered patio outside

Vinny Scapino has some serious snark. He is known as the wise guy of the group, not the guy you want to mess with in a dark alley! Vinny obsessively styles his hair…he can never walk by a mirror without stopping.

This statue is detailed with carvings, facial features, pool cue…his collar and buttons are also easily identifiable. He measures a 10.25 tall and is in the middle for height of the billiard crew. He’s sporting custom faux bronze paint finish that is designed for indoor use or outside in a protected/covered area.

Did you know Mike can custom paint art just for you? Well he can! Mike has lots of options…check out the About the Art page for more insight into his work.


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