“Knock Knock Bird” Mike Quinn Art


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  • Title “Knock Knock Bird”
  • Size 16″ x 20″
  • Artist Mike Quinn

Meet the Knock Knock Bird, this species is especially charming with tiny wings and super loud squawk that sound just like “KNOCK, KNOCK” being yelled by a 4 year old human. If ignored this bird will headbutt anyone near him with a bone like appendage on his head. It’s best to just ask “who’s there” and get the joke over with….seriously, these birds are relentless. Only the males of the species do this as it is mostly only a “Dad” joke.

These delightful pieces are whimsical and creative…with a touch of attitude. Each print captures the world as the artist sees it, a whimsical world full of quirky animals, people and subjects with bright colors, patterns and style.

Each print comes signed by the artist and dated. If you’re looking for a larger or smaller print contact the artist for a custom size (note the price may change).


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