Fly Phoebe Fly!: A Mostly True Story Book by Mike Quinn


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  • Children’s Book
  • Educational
  • 80 Pages
  • By Artist Mike Quinn
Phoebe is just like all youngsters. She is curious. She loves to explore. And she loves discovering the wonders of the world. You are invited to join Phoebe as she explores. While Phoebe flies around the world, you will tap into the treasures of the world wide web.
Each page has a sky blue box entitled Join the Adventure! Here you will find questions to consider that will enrich and expand your learning. Some questions are easy. Some questions want to know your feelings. Some questions may be answered differently by other people. You decide which answer is right for you. Some questions challenge you to go online or use your computer to find answers.
There is no answer key in this book. Just like Phoebe, if you want to learn, you’ll find your way to the answers you seek. Not all questions have a single answer. You may find some questions lead you to more questions. The more you explore and learn, the wiser you will be.
There are lots of links for you to follow. Some are for learning and some are for fun. Words that are written in green are included in the Glossary and Pronunciation Guide in case you have never seen or heard them before. Follow Phoebe’s path on the map. Explore a bit more in Fun Facts. Be as worldly as Phoebe and speak FIVE languages with the chart on page 79.



  1. Jodi Quinn

    Kathleen Brantley
    May 25, 2016 at 6:25pm
    We were so honored to have Mike Quinn come to our class and read his book to our students. They loved the book and we loved the many learning experiences embedded in the story. They are excited to go back through it tomorrow using the e-book so that we can click on all the links and learn even more. Every teacher needs this book! Thank you so much, Mr. Quinn, for our special visit. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.
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  2. Jodi Quinn

    From Heather Hyde:
    If you have a kid or love ❤️a kid, please keep reading……we certainly will.?
    My son, Phoenix, and I unexpectedly ran into a very dear artist friend I’ve known since 1994 today at an art festival in Friendswood. I hadn’t seen him in over 20 years!
    His name is Mike Quinn and he’s famous for his ?Fish with Attitude sculptures. Mike has just published his first, and quite honestly the VERY BEST children’s book we’ve read in quite a while. FLY PHOEBE FLY!
    It has it all…… wonderfully fun and rich artwork, a truly captivating story, learning and discovery in a completely unique format. A worldly and exciting adventure from beginning to end. ?
    Phoenix immediately fell in love with PHOEBE THE FLY and I’m so glad we bought a sculpture of her from my friend Mike. He’s presently sleeping with Phoebe on his pillow.?
    Mike is such a brilliant artist who’s making children’s literature fun and engaging again.
    Most Excellent read, for kids (and adults) of ALL ages….Thank you ?Mike Quinn. We look ?forward to Phoebe’s next adventure.

  3. Jodi Quinn

    Tammy Williamson Miller
    August 6, 2016 at 4:02pm
    She couldn’t wait to read your book!

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