...And they are hungry. You are looking at a very special species of Venus Flytrap. Typical to the average Dionaea Muscipula or common flytrap in general looks. These have evolved, isolated on a remote Island the "plants" went unchecked and unbothered by humans. The small island chain is rarely visited. It's due west of the Koo Koo archipelago. The Imaginara islands are thought to be the only observable floating islands in the world. It's the main reason they are so hard to find...and the fact that only children or adults with child like minds can see them. 

In northernmost edge of the Koo Koo archipelago lives the smaller species of flytrap. This area is known as Flytopia. The smaller flytraps have evolved into a cunning species that uses rudimentary tools to build traps for it's prey...they have long forgotten their carnivorous roots and have become quite picky about how their food is served. Biting random animals is for savages after all. These guys are tricky, often leaving very difficult crossword puzzle's...be careful of this. While the people are busy solving the puzzle they're attacked en mass...often humans are taken alive in the nets to the flytraps gourmet kitchens. The humans must watch as flytraps prepare the very side dishes they will be eaten with.


Venus Fly Trap Mike Quinn


We often hear stories about the completely toothless flytrap, while rare this mutation is devastating. They rely entirely on the kindness of others to chew their food for them. This "pre-chewed" food is then wrapped like a sushi roll and eaten with chopsticks. Even by Flytopia standards this practice is considered pretty gross.

As a species they have evolved so much that they can often be seen doing tai chi in groups. A more passive creature, they have a weekly poetry night..some have even taken up gardening. 


Their giant cousins known as the "People Crunchers" live in the southern section of the Koo Koo archipelago known as Flyhellia. On either island the flies are quite scarce, they have adapted to a nocturnal lifestyle to avoid the voracious plants. You never want to meet a giant nocturnal fly, they are grouchy. Rather than simply landing on your sandwich they are known to devour it in one quick bite...watch your hands.  Don't worry too much, with their large oversized bodies and very small wings it's easy to hear them coming from quite some distance. The noise has been compared to that of a helicopter as it runs out of gas.

Largest of the species on record, they guys are not known for their intelligence. Unfortunately this type did not benefit in the brains department with evolution. They will eat anything foolish enough to be near them, including each other. They can't control their reflexes, making it really hard to hold down conversations with them. Often snatching whole animals or humans in their mouth...only to be spit back out with a sheepish apology. Go 3 or 4 rounds in a few minutes and you're just done. Due to this "Issue" they resort to facetiming friends and family... especially after half of the species was wiped out at one family reunion. Living in isolation from their kind is the only way they survive. They do enjoy the company of the Tiki Heads, since they are 100% rock it's safe for the fly traps to bite them...however it is very annoying. Apparently no one likes a face biter.





About the Art

The small flytraps are created by hand and may look similar to each other but are complete individuals in the community. As you can see by the examples these guys have their own personality and no two teeth are the same! Want Mike to recreate one of these masterpieces? Then keep in mind, tooth placement, leaf direction and that little something special in their facial expression will not be identical. But really that's all part of their charm and unique attitude. As you can see these Creatures with Attitude are the true rebels of the islands.

The larger flytraps are unique in both looks and design. These are his larger pieces that and made from metal, clay, fiberglass or foam…or all of the above! No two creations are alike so if you see the perfect art piece for you then act fast these sell out quickly! One of a kind art comes with quirks, fun finishes and the artists personal touch. If you see a flytrap that isn’t in stock please email us to discus a special order.