Recreating the Magic...

It was built in 1982 for the Houston fest. The piece was a collaborative effort between Dwight Brown and Don Redman. Don Redman is a New Mexico artist. It's been displayed and several other venues including one in Lake Charles Louisiana. It's being refurbished by the private collector that owns it now and it will be displayed in Florida Boynton Beach in February on the third.

This is a kinetic sculpture that is wind driven that Dwight is re-furbishing from about 30 years ago! That means a full tear down, refinish every inch by hand and reinstall the piece. Dwight is know for his remarkable large scale kinetic work...and the epic longevity of some of his pieces.

This is Dwight sanding the smaller pieces, the blue glove on his hands are to protect his fingers because he wore through the skin from sanding so long earlier in the day. Clearly a hazard of making quality art, if you didn't get hurt a bit you weren't trying hard enough!


Third coat, sand between coats with 320 grit paper, 5 coats to be finished! Hang in there Dwight!

Look at that fabulous finish work, just a couple more coats and it will be as shiny as it was on the original installation day. You have to keep an eye out for anything that may touch the finish...and ill placed leaf or dumbfounded bug will stick like glue. Even though we love bugs we will sand their little legs off to get them off the varnish.

Dwight and Dave unpacking the new bearings and drive belt gear for the four winds sculpture.

It was a near miss for really have to watch those flytraps when moving around the studio. We aren't sure how long he was being stalked, but Dwight is Ok, just a little shaken up from the experience.