My Secret Weapon!

My Secret Weapon: Most superheroes have a sidekick.  Batman and Robin, The Pink Pather and that guy always attacking him.  I am very lucky to work with a guy that is truly a genius.  He knows 10x what ill ever know.  He’s a 73-year-old vegetarian and master craftsman Dwight C Brown.  I first met Dwight when I was 12 years old.  He was one of the people that caught me when I flew out of the drainpipe from California.  He and his brother Kevin started “Tiddies” Sandals in Pasadena, Tx a millionaire in his early 20’s!  Dwight has been working with Fiberglass since he was 12 years old fixing surfboards for his friends.  He has built many landmark Sculptures all over Galveston & Houston he built the Spinning Fish Tails @ Fish Tales Restaurant on the Sea Wall and the Giant Fishing lure inside of Pier 19.  He even built the Trojan Horse inside Mattress Mack’s Furniture store, in Houston, Tx.

We started doing projects together back in 2005 when I needed to build a Giant Moose for Claimjumpers Restaurant chain in California.  We’ve been working together ever since.


Mystery Box


  • Mystery Box:  Retail Value $140.00
  • Let Us build your order!  You never know what you’ll get…..
  • Text us a photo of your collection and your guaranteed no duplicates! 832-275-6326
  • Material: Hydrostone, Hand Painted
  • Indoor, or under covered patio outside

We started the mystery box, because we have many customers who order frequently, and they always tell us when they receive their order it’s like Christmas Morning!  We thought this would be just another fun way for them to be surprised!  And they can save money by buying the Mystery box.  The $100.00 Mystery box is valued at $140.00.  The $50.00 Mystery box is valued at $75.00.  We ask them to send us a photo of their collection and we guarantee no duplicates.  So, when Corey Sargent Ordered the Mystery Box I recognized the name because they’ve ordered several times, but it had been a few years since I saw the name.  I asked to please send the photo so I could pick out the mystery box pieces.  Here are the photos they sent above.  I actually cried when I opened the photos.   I couldn’t believe it!  I was able to pick out a few pieces to send them, but it wasn’t easy!!lol!